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Logo Design

Research shows that most people will form an assessment of your business within the first 10 seconds of seeing your logo. We understand this and can provide the knowledge and skills to give you a logo that will not only stand the test of time but be a functional asset that grabs people’s attention.


However, a logo is nothing without the story to go along with it. Creating a brand identity is crucial for your company to have a seamless and consistent look across all assets. By creating a brand guideline, there is no confusion about who you are, what you do and why.

We offer packages for all levels of budget, that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

BASIC- At least 3 finished and refined logo concepts are presented, created specifically for your brand.

  • 2 revision sessions

  • Dark, light and stacked versions of your logo

  • Full-colour palette and usage direction

  • Logo library of files needed for print, web, digital

  • Full ownership and usage rights

STANDARD- 5 or more logo concepts for complete branding and identity strategy. Includes branding guidelines, colour palettes, fonts and identity pack

  • 4 revision sessions

  • Complete branding guideline

  • Dark, light and stacked versions of your logo

  • Full-colour palette and usage direction

  • Logo library of files needed for print, web, digital

  • Full ownership and usage rights

DELUXE- 5 or more logo concepts for complete branding and identity strategy. Includes branding guidelines, colour palettes, fonts and identity pack

Stationary package including 1000 business cards, brochures, letterheads and email marketing package

  • 4 revision sessions

  • Brands guideline handbook

  • Dark, light and stacked versions of your logo

  • Animated version of your logo

  • Social media assets for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc

  • Full-colour palette and usage direction

  • Logo library of files needed for print, web, digital

  • Full ownership and usage rights

  • Stationary pack, including business cards, letterheads, signage

Our Services

At Trade Mate Design we offer a wide range of creative services to help you expand the creative side of your business. Specifically catered to tradesmen and women, we know your industry well and can help you stand out from the crowd. We have a vast range of knowledge and tools that we can offer your business.

Web Design

Websites are a crucial part of businesses that are often overlooked for a lot of tradies. A well designed, well-functioning website is vital for google search analytics and making sure you are as high as possible in the search results. By doing this, you can expand your customer base by capitalising on random customers who find you through google. Not only that, it is a great way to display your work and present your company in a professional way to all clients, past present and future. 


We can create anything from one-page basic websites using "no code" design platforms to keep the cost down. We can also create multipage, complex customed coded websites from scratch. Whatever suits your business and budget, we can help you create it. We don't use templates for our websites, so you can assure your website is 100 percent your own. 

BASIC- We can create a simple yet extremely effective single page rolling website that covers all accepts of a functional website. This style of website can include an Introduction, company values, portfolio, testimonials, contact section and many other features. This style of website can be created to suit your back end needs to make maintenance as pain-free as possible. Although simple this website is still completely custom and responsive across all devices.

STANDARD- The most popular style of website you see if a multipage website that goes into more detail about your company, services or portfolio. This allows us to organise your content and have different sections to every aspect you want to cover. By going into much more detail we can include complete case studies, blogs and location services that allow for a better user experience and an increased SEO performance.

DELUXE- The world is your oyster. Anything you can think of we can execute. The different options for animations, scrolling effects, video work, and colour are endless. This type of website that you don’t see often, but stops people from scrolling.

Stationary / Marketing Material

Classic printed marketing material is alive and well. Especially in an industry that values something that’s good quality and printed. Together with your logo and branding guidelines, creating a set of consistent marketing material is a great way to leave your mark on a potential client. We can help you design and print everything from business cards and letterheads to brochures and case studies. Anything that you hand to a client or supplier should have your brands flavour.

If you had something in mind that we haven't listed, please reach out and we can create it for you!

The world of print material is extremely vast, but some are very important to represent your business correctly. Here are some of the options we can design and print for you-

  • Business cards

  • Letter heads and envelope design

  • Flyers and brochures

  • Company profile documents

  • Previous project portfolio

  • Expression of interest documents

  • Case studies and case study templates

  • Tender submission templates

  • Capability statements

  • Branded Presentation folders

  • Stickers

  • Stubbie holders

  • Drink bottles

  • Magnets

Photography & Video

With social media becoming ever increasingly important to a modern-day business, high quality photos and video content is how to make an impact and attract new customers. By creating engaging and memorable content, clients will remember your business and forward your content onto others. This content is not limited only to social media, but is a great addition to websites and any marketing material you may need. By having images and videos of your own crew instead of corny stock images, The quality of your marketing material is much higher and more engaging.

We can help you execute the following photography and videography projects-

  • Photo and video content for social media, websites and marketing material that encapsulates the look and feel of your business 

  • Company introduction video

  • Drone and ariel photography and videography

  • Company profile content photoshoot

  • Company profile video content including interviews

  • Past project video highlight reel

  • Finished Project highlight photoshoot and video

  • Before and after photo and video shoot

  • “Get to know the team” photo and video

  • Fun and engaging "behind the scenes" video content 

  • Company Headshots

  • Event photography 

Signage/ Vehicle Wrap

Show off your brand with consistent and eye-catching signage. It is important for your branding to be consistent all the way through to site signage. This allows future clients to know exactly who is behind the hard work. We can design and print everything from office signage, site fence branding, and of course vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are not only a great way to make your work car look way cooler, but to act as a rolling billboard.

If there are any other signage needs you may have, please reach out and we can design it for you! 

The world of printing is endless, but here are some of the options we can help you execute with help from our signage/print partners

  • Site signage

  • Corflute banners and boards

  • Mesh banners

  • Vinyl banners

  • Building permit Signage

  • Vehicle wraps including trailers

  • Factory and office signage

  • Window vinyl and one way vision

  • Illuminated signage

  • Fabricated signage

  • Large format digital printing

Uniform Design & Production

High quality, well-designed uniforms are a great way to keep your crew happy and establish a team mentality. It also gives a sense of professionalism to your clients and the public. We can help with everything from hoodies to hats, heated jackets, embroidered shirts, high vis and hard hats. With experience in the apparel and licencing industry, we have the knowledge to make sure you get the best quality print and product that will actually last while at work. 

Digital Marketing & SEO 

 After putting all the effort into the design and marketing of your business, it would be a shame if no one could see it. We can help to promote your business, through paid ads and social media marketing. Online marketing can be very daunting for the average person, but we can make sure that your website and Instagram are put in front of the right eyes. By setting up specific target audiences for your website and online advertisement, we can convert those ads into real clients. 

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